Katy Perry, Tiësto, Aitana - Resilient (Tiësto Remix) #OpenToBetter Film

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Director: Chloe Wallace
Producer: Oscar Romagosa, Karen Sauri, Angela Gómez–Alba, Targa Sahyoun
Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
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I know there’s gotta be rain
If I want the rainbows
And I know the higher I climb
The harder the wind blows

Yeah, I’ve gone to sleep
Night after night punching a pillow
But do you know the darker the night
The brighter the skies glow

‘Cause I am resilient
A full flower moment
Won’t let the concrete hold me back
Oh no

I am resilient Born to be brilliant
You’ll see me grow right through the cracks
Yeah, ‘cause you’re gonna watch this flower grow right through the cracks


Puede llover por unos meses
No todo sale como uno lo quiere a veces
Si hubo una herida la curé
sólo yo, sólo yo, sólo yo
Si caigo me hago más fuerte
No es cuestión de suerte…yeahh

Somos mejores si together
Estamos open to better
Que el sol siga brillando
Y que lo malo no me espere

Let’s begin a revolution
‘Cause love is our resolution
No hay nada que me pueda paraaaaaar

‘Cause I am resilient, open to better
won’t let the concreate hold me back
ah yeah I am resilient, born to be brilliant
i’m gonna grow right through the cracks
oh yeah

I am resilient Born to be brilliant
I’m gonna grow right through the cracks
Oh, you’re gonna watch this flower grow right through the cracks

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Music video by Katy Perry performing Resilient (ft. Aitana) [Tiesto Remix]. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

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